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Kentucky Employees Credit Union was founded in 1938 as a not for profit cooperative. The purpose of KECU was to offer state employees a convenient opportunity to save and to obtain credit at low interest rates. It was also a means to contribute to the comfort and well being of all participating employees. As one director put it, “It was not unusual for the credit union to provide a source of credit to individuals who were turned down by other financial institutions.” KECU has kept this focus over the last 70 years as demonstrated by our mission statement:

“KECU is a financially successful credit union that provides financial services to our members,
enabling them to achieve success in meeting their life goals.”

KECU’s Board of Directors and staff carries out the credit union philosophy of people helping people. With each new product or service the question of “How will this benefit the membership?” is always asked. Because of this, the products and services are designed to be the most beneficial to you, the member-owner.

Using this philosophy, it became apparent to the Board that KECU needed a new facility to better serve its members. For over 70 years, KECU operated out of small offices located within state office buildings. However, in November of 1999, all of that changed when KECU moved into its new facility pictured below.


Using the credit union philosophy and our history, we will continue to build a solid future and help you build yours.

Board of Directors


Jay Douds


Singer Buchanan


Mary Elizabeth Bailey


Kathy Whitlock

Vice Chair

Paul Royce


Tip Mixson


James Mason


Susan Hazelwood


Dr. Abdul Turay

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