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Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Card

If you need to block a lost or stolen debit or credit card, call 1-800-528-2273. If it’s after normal business hours, call 1-800-808-7230. After you call, stop by our Main Branch to instantly receive a replacement card.


Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the launch of a new website, for victims to report and recover from identity theft. The new website provides an interactive checklist that walks people through the recovery process and helps them understand which recovery steps should be taken upon learning their identity has been stolen. There is a page devoted to sample letters, specialized tips for specific forms of identity theft, and advice for people who have been notified that their personal information was exposed in a data breach. A Spanish version of the site is also available.


ATM Locations

If you need cash quickly, use our ATM locator to find the ATM nearest you.

Branch Locations & Hours

If you need to make a deposit, ask a question, set up an account, etc., visit our Location & Hours page to find a location near you.

MoneyLine Automated Teller

Check your balance, ask a question, pay your bills… all over the phone! Check out our MoneyLine Automated Teller page to learn more.

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