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Big Change is on the way to Kentucky Employees Credit Union! We’re looking to revamp our members’ banking experience. Whether you’re online or on your mobile device, KECU seeks to create an easier-to-use, seamless platform for managing your accounts.

Which is why on Saturday, March 31st we transitioned to a new data processing system to create more efficient processes that will allow us to better serve you!

This app replaces the old application, and is available for download on iOS and Google Play.


What You Should Know About the Big Change

  •  We’re upgrading our data processing system so we can better serve you. This upgrade will help increase credit union offerings, member customization capabilities, staff-efficiency, and allow you – the member – to manage your account(s) easier and more efficiently. Transitioning to the new data processing system will create a more seamless, easier-to-use experience for those we serve.
  • Some suffixes are staying the same and some are changing. Not sure what suffixes are or if this applies? Check out the additional suffix information below.
  • To stay up-to-date on changes affecting you, go online to for the latest updates. Follow us on Facebook,, or on Twitter, Be sure your mailing address and email address with us is current and that you are signed up to receive our e-newsletters. As the date approaches when we are to convert over to the new data processing system, you will receive additional information my mail or by email.

How does the new internet banking work?

We’ll show you. Below are some scroll-through, step-by-step tutorials on things like making payments and reviewing pending transactions.

Logging in for the first time?

Here’s what you should know. Have your account number handy.


Know the in’s and out’s of the mobile app as well.

Want to learn more about the features?

View Pending Direct Deposits (Payroll)

Send a Check

Member to Member Transfers

Registering a Device: Online or Email

How To Retrieve a Forgotten Password

Dealing with a Disabled Account

Import Internet Banking Info into Apps


Is the app available? I can't find the app.

The app is available on Google Play for Android and for iOS in the App Store.

Note you MUST perform your initial login from a desktop or internet browser. Your account number is your username and your password is the last 4 of the social of the primary account holder. You’ll be prompted to change your password once you’re successfully logged in.

The new app will be BLUE with WHITE writing (KECU logo).

The app is still called KECU Anywhere

I can't see my Bill Pay.

Bill Pay is live in the internet banking environment, although not yet live in the mobile environment.

How will Bill Pay be affected? Will my Bill Pay payments still process?

Will I log in to internet banking at the same site as before?

No. If you’ve bookmarked an address other than to log into your account, it will change. The username and password fields for logging into your account will be located on the home page of and click the blue Login button

Will my username and password for Internet Banking change?

Yes. Your username and password will reset. Please follow these instructions for your initial Online Banking login:

  • Username is your account number
  • Password is the last four digits of the primary account holder’s SSN
  • Once in the system, you will be prompted to change your password to a case sensitive, 6-digit password. The password must meet the following criteria:
    • Must have at least 1 uppercase letter
    • Must have at least 1 lowercase letter
    • Must have at least 1 number
    • You must also select a verification image

Will my username and password for Mobile Banking change?

Yes – but here’s the good news: The username and password you will use to log into Online Banking is the same username and password you will use to access Mobile Banking – it’s all the same Internet Banking experience. If you follow the set of instructions above for your initial login, your username and password will be reset and established for both platforms. For your initial log in, please use your desktop prior to logging in to the mobile environment.

Will my PIN for MoneyLine Automated Teller change?

Yes. After April 1st, you may be prompted to set up a new four-digit PIN when calling MoneyLine Automated Teller. The steps involved are as follows:

  • You will first be prompted for your account number
  • Then for the full nine-digit SSN for the primary account holder
  • The system will confirm and invite the member to set up a four-digit PIN
  • You will then be prompted for the account number followed by the new PIN
  • Access to the account will be granted

Will I be able to see my previous transaction history?

Previous transaction history will not appear on Internet banking dated previous to March 30th at 6:00 pm. Please maintain a written ledger to assist in balancing your account(s) during the conversion weekend.

Will I still be able to check my balance via text code?

No. After Friday, March 30th, you will no longer be able to text for your balance. However, with the new Internet Banking experience, you’ll be able to set up e-alerts and/or push notifications

I can't see my KECU VISA Credit Cards.

Credit cards will not be immediately available within the new internet banking platform. Please go to or the page we’ve set up for instructions on how you can make payments, review balances, etc.

Will member-to-member transfer be working soon?

Member to member transfer is available in internet banking when you click on the Menu button, then click Transfers. Once you’ve selected an account to Transfer From under Start New Transfer, you can click the Transfer To drop down – select Other if you wish to make a member to member transfer.

Enter an amount, click Continue, and you’ll be prompted to enter the member’s Account Number and Suffix. Confirm with the member you’re transferring funds to that the suffix is correct, as some suffixes have changed.

I can't create an external / ACH transfer from internet / mobile banking.

External Transfers (or ACH Transfer) can be found under the Menu button under External Transfers. There you’ll set up and verify accounts. Note, there is a two day waiting period required before you enter deposit amounts for security purposes, and accounts will be marked as Pending.


External Transfers are available only from the browser version.

Where is the Remote Deposit Capture function in mobile banking?

Remote Deposit Capture function is available on iOS and Android.











Where is my account history?

Account history from prior to conversion does not pull into the new internet banking platform. KECU still has access to the statement data from prior to conversion. For members who normally receive e-statements, they will be receiving March statements via paper mail. If you are looking for more transaction history, contact KECU by phone, stop by, or send a secure message via internet banking.

Internet Banking Desktop Tutorial

Mobile Internet Banking Tutorial

Suffix Changes

Some account suffixes may be changing.

What is an account suffix? An account suffix refers to the 3 digits at the end of your account number that indicate sub-accounts. Sub-accounts can be savings, checking, loans, cards, certificates of deposit, or any other type of service you may have with KECU. By upgrading our core, we’re allowing more account suffix types for your convenience, so be aware that this change may apply to one or more of your accounts.

Below is a range of account suffixes that may appear differently:

Share Types
Description Suffix
Primary Share 001
Business Savings 001
Kids Club 001
Secondary Share 30-39
Secondary Business Share 40-49
Pathway Savings 002-003
Vacation Club 004
Holiday Club 005
Regular Checking 009-013
Checking w/Courtesy Pay 009-013
Business Checking 009-013
Money Market 015-017
Traditional IRA 20-22
Roth IRA 20-22
Educational IRA 20-22
Certificate Types
Description Suffix
6 Month – 60 Month
Certificate of Deposit
6 Month – 60 Month IRA Certificate of Deposit 100-399
6 Month – 60 Month Roth IRA Certificate of Deposit 100-399
6 Month – 60 Month Business Certificate of Deposit 100-399
Loan Types
Description Suffix
New Vehicle 400-499
Business Used Vehicle 400-499
Used Vehicle 400-499
Rec Vehicle 400-499
Auto Workout 400-499
Indirect Auto 400-499
New CRIF Auto 400-499
Used CRIF Auto 400-499
Travel Loan 400-499
Consumer 400-499
First Check Loan 400-499
Closed End Signature 400-499
Debt Consolidation 400-499
Tax Loan 400-499
Holiday Loan 400-499
Unsecure Workout 400-499
Share Workout 400-499
LOC – Monthly 500-599
LOC – Semi Monthly 500-599
3 Year Line of Credit 500-599
Line of Credit 500-599
HELOC – Monthly 500-599
HELOC – Semi Monthly 500-599
HELOCS 500-599
Share Secured 600-699
CD Secured 600-699
Fixed Rate Morgtage 700-724
5 Year Arm 700-724
Closed 2nd Mortgages 700-724
Land Loans 700-724
3 Year Arm 700-724
1 Year Arm 700-724
Heloc Payback 700-724

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