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The New & Improved Bill Pay

Money moves don’t happen by themselves – but with our new Bill Pay, they do!

The recent Bill Pay upgrade means a newer, easier to use platform and you can access Bill Pay through our mobile banking app. If you’re accustomed to our previous version of Bill Pay, below is all the info you need to get acquainted.

In addition to greater accessibility, our Bill Pay means more ways than ever to make payments and tackle paying your bills.



Want to know how it works?

Of course you do. So we’ve made the following tutorials to help you along:

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  1. Do I need to set up my payees again?

Yes. Our upgraded system is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly enter payees. To ensure you enter all payees after the upgrade, we encourage you to fill out the Payee Info Collection Sheet prior to our down time, beginning February 22. Follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your internet banking or mobile banking app
  • Click Bill Pay on the Services Menu
  • Click add under the payees’ tab to the right
  • Enter payees name & click continue
  • List & confirm your account number, click continue
  • Confirm your payee or continue as Check Payee

And you’re done!

  1. Will my payments process during the upgrade?

No. Anything scheduled through Friday, February 22 will process. If you have payments set up to process AFTER February 22, those will need to be paid in advance, or when the system resumes service on Monday, February 25.

  1. Will repeating or automated payments convert?

No. If reoccurring payments are scheduled after February 22, 2019, you will need to reschedule the payments using the new system.

  1. Will I be able to see my payment history?

No. Your payment history will not be carried forward into our upgrade system. If you want your payment history, you must print out this information prior to February 22, 2019. After this date your payment history will no longer be available.

  1. Will payments process differently than the current Bill Pay?

No. The new system will process similarly to the previous one.

  1. Will I still have my statements delivered to bill pay?

No, if your payee is enrolled with the e-Bill service, you will automatically be un-enrolled at the launch of our new and improved bill pay. We encourage that you login to bill pay at your earliest convenience and un-enroll from this service through bill pay. This will convert your statement to a paper statement until the transition. When the new system is available on February 25, 2019, we encourage that you enroll in the e-Bill service to re-establish the connection.

  1. How will I receive Bill Pay notifications?

There are a few ways to receive communication with the upgraded system. You will receive an email notification from our bill pay system. The communication will be sent by We encourage that you add this email address to your address book to ensure that it is correctly delivered to your inbox. You may also receive a notification within Bill Pay.

  1. What if I am not an active bill pay user?

If you currently do not use Bill Pay, you will not be affected by this upgrade. If you have been thinking about enrolling in Bill Pay, we recommend waiting until after February 25, 2019 to enroll so you can enjoy the benefits of the upgrade.

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