Personal Loans

Our professional and friendly lenders are at their best when they’re helping our members get the financing they need for the things that matter most to them.  So whether you need a little help completing a short-term goal, a lot of help accomplishing a lifelong plan, or something extra to pull you through hard times, our experienced staff can help you with a variety of financing solutions.

Performance Plus

KECU’s lending program offers loans that fit everyone’s budget. If you have ever been turned down for a loan by another financial institution, KECU may be able to help.

Performance Plus lending is a unique service, because the rate you pay on your loan is determined by your credit history. Members with a good credit rating will receive great rates. Other members, who may have had past credit problems, will get competitive rates consistent with their credit history. As part of this program, our staff will also analyze your credit report with you and offer information and suggestions on how to increase your credit rating, which can help you save money.

Our goal is to help all members obtain the loans they need at rates that they can afford and fits their budget. Performance Plus enables KECU to give our members loan rates that are lower than other financial institutions in the area.

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Home Improvement Loans

Is it time for a little spring-cleaning? Or maybe you need to finish some minor projects around the house? If so, KECU’s Home Improvement Loan is just for you! This loan allows you the money you need for projects around the house, without tying up the equity in your home.

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Vacation Loans

Is work making you nuts? Are your kids driving you crazy? Get away while you still have your sanity! With a Vacation Loan you can take a trip today and pay us back when you get home.

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Signature Loans

Use this special loan to get money for personal expenses and much more. Rates are based on an individual’s credit history. So your actual rate may be higher than what’s shown on our Loan Rates page.

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Business Travel Loans

Taking a business trip? Don’t want to pay for it out of your own pocket? Take out a Business Travel Loan. Simply borrow the money from us and pay us back when you receive your travel reimbursement. It’s really as easy as that.

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Open Ended Line of Credit

Ever found yourself standing in the middle of a store debating to make a major purchase with your credit card? Now there’s another option. With KECU’s Open-Ended Line of Credit, you simply establish a line and draw on it whenever a need arises. No filling out paperwork every time you need funds to make a big purchase. Just give us a call, and we’ll issue you a check or deposit the funds in the KECU account of your choice.

  • Payments based on $35 per $1000 borrowed
  • Make payments in person, by mail, ACH or take advantage of payroll deduction
  • Minimum draw $100

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Loan Rates

Current Rates as of January 3, 2019
Line of Credit
Signature Loans
Consolidation Loans
Platinum VISA Credit Card

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