Skip a Payment

Holiday Skip a Pay
is here!

Simply complete and submit the form below to skip your November loan payment – or you can print off a form and fax it to us.



To be eligible for this skip payment offer you must:
1. Be a member in good standing and have had no late payments in last year
2. You must have opened the loan prior to August 1, 2018
3. You must inform KECU in writing before October 15, 2018
If eligible, you may skip all loans except for Mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit, Line of Credit, Visa, Workout and Tax loans. Loan types eligible are Signature/Consumer Loans, Consolidation Loans and Auto Loans.

Please be aware if your payment is being payroll deducted from your check or is being transferred from another financial institution, your deduction or transfer will not be stopped. Your payment will go to your KECU savings account and will be available for withdrawal.

Please note a $20 fee will be assessed for each skipped loan payment. Interest will continue to accrue, possibly increasing the term of the loan.

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