WebBranch 101

WebBranch Updates – here’s what you need to know:

With new updates to WebBranch, the new login portal can be found at kentuckyemployees.ns3web.org/

If you have the previous login portal saved as a bookmark, you’ll need to update that web link or login from the KECU homepage at KECU.org. And no worries, your account login and password will be the same as with the previous WebBranch portal.

The new WebBranch not only has a new look, but has improved features from the previous version. Making payments and transferring funds has never been simpler, but some things may appear different.

Want to make a payment on a loan or credit card?

Make credit card and loan payments online by going to “Transfer”, and clicking “Transfer Funds”.











Select the account you wish your payment to come from, the credit card or loan you wish to make a payment toward, the amount, and click Submit.
















You now have the ability to send funds from your KECU account to wherever, whenever you want!

First, go to “External Transfers”.














Plug in the type of account, identify the institution & account number, validate your account (which can take 2-3 business), the amount you’d like to transfer, and you’re done!

















Are you looking for pending transactions?

From the home screen of WebBrach, click “Checking“. Once you’ve clicked checking you will see several tabs. By clicking the “Holds” tab, you can see pending transactions.



How do I see the status of my payroll deposit?

Payroll deposits can be found by clicking “Transfers“, then click “Pending ACH Transfers”.






Questions? Just use the message feature to ask us, or feel free to call us.

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